Christine Blasey Ford’s attorneys have asked the Senate Judiciary Committee to allow for two trauma experts and the person who administered her polygraph to testify.

Republican senators say that’s not going to happen.

Asked about that demand, Sen. John Cornyn, majority whip said: “We are discharging our constitutional responsibility. No witness has a right to commandeer the process.”

Cornyn said, “no” when asked if it would be helpful to have outside witnesses.

“What we are trying to do is give her a chance to have her say. we’re going to let her do that. But we’re not going to let anybody take over the process,” he said.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said he has “zero patience” for demands.

“We’re not turning this into a trial. If they wanted all this, they should have told us in July about this. So I got zero patience with their demands,” he said. “When any Democrat tells me we’re not being fair, I say you’re the one not being fair … I’ve got very little patience.”