In response to a question about Sen. Jeff Flake’s request for a one-week investigation, Sen. Lindsey Graham insisted that Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination would go forward, while praising Flake as “a really good guy.”

“I think what Jeff is trying to do is end this the best he possibly can, to accommodate some people on the other side, and to bring the committee together if possible,” Graham said to reporters. “This is democracy.”

When pushed again on why Flake seemed to change his mind, Graham repeated, “This is called democracy … Jeff’s a really good guy. I wouldn’t have done it. Jeff is trying to be fair.”

However, Graham insisted that both he and Flake felt confident in Kavanaugh’s nomination, and that the process would push forward.

“A week is enough time for (Flake), maybe less … We’re not playing this game of opening this up and it goes on forever.”

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