Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum said about 50,000 of the capital’s 120,000 utility customers — including the emergency operations center — have no power.

The operations center, though, is now running on emergency generators, he told CNN Wednesday afternoon.

Utility crews will not be able to get out to repair and restore power to customers until the winds subside, Gillum said.

The strongest winds were expected until about 8 p.m. ET Wednesday, according to the mayor.

“What we want our folks to do is to remain in place, remain in shelter … until this storm makes its way through and its impact can be assessed and then we can make sure we clear roads and streets for emergency vehicles,” he said.

The storm “sort of a crept up” on the state, he said.

“Sunday I was at a different part the state on a different mission and, all of a sudden, we saw these projections coming in that it looked like it was going into the Gulf and potentially up our way,” he said. “We were not all the way certain and communities had to act really quickly.”