President Donald Trump opened his rally in Pennsylvania tonight by sending the “thoughts and prayers” of the entire nation to those impacted by Hurricane Michael.

“I want to send our thoughts and prayers of our entire nation to everyone in the path of Hurricane Michael especially in the Florida panhandle where it’s hitting and hitting hard,” he said.

“We send our unwavering love and support,” Trump said to the audience in Erie. 

“As it leaves we’re going to follow right behind,” Trump said of the planned response to the storm, saying food, water and electrical workers are all ready to go once the storm ends. 

Trump earlier today defended his decision to hold a “Make America Great Again” rally and fundraiser, saying he couldn’t “disappoint” the “thousands” who waited in line to see him. The arena was filled to capacity.

Trump added that he and his administration have been working in “close coordination” with governors and local officials to “provide the full response and steadfast support of our federal government.” 

Finally, Trump concluded his remarks on the hurricane speaking to those in the storms path saying, “God speed. God speed. God bless you all.”