“No, I don’t question his loyalty at all. He is 100% loyal. It was a phony story,” Trump told reporters at the White House as he departed for California.
“Mike Pence is 100%,” Trump said. “Not even a doubt about it in my mind. He’s been a trooper. He’s been with me from as soon as I won the primaries. I could not be happier.”
Trump claimed the Times “never called me for a comment” before publishing a story Friday that reported the President had asked confidants whether they thought Pence was loyal to him.
The President has not publicly suggested he is considering replacing Pence either before or for a 2020 re-election bid.
On Friday, the White House denied the Times’ reporting.
“The president absolutely supports the vice president and thinks he’s doing an incredible job helping to carry out the mission and policies of this administration,” Hogan Gidley, the deputy White House press secretary, said in a statement.
Overseas in Papua New Guinea, Pence told reporters that he and Trump discussed the story and had a “good laugh” about it.