During a media briefing following the passing of the Alabama’s controversial abortion bill HB 314, Republican state Rep. Terri Collins said she believed it was the right time to get a law before the United States Supreme Court. 

“It’s the right time when you look at all the states around the country, whether they’re conservative and they’re passing very pro-life legislation or they’re more liberal and they’re passing the opposite, I think everybody’s sensing that it might be time for a change,” said Collins, who represents house District 8 in Alabama.

Bill HB 314 passed in the Alabama Senate with a vote of 25-to-6 with one abstention.

According to Collins, the bill was “designed in every way” to go to the Supreme Court.

“That’s why we were trying to keep it just as it was,” she said. “Was to address the issue that Roe v. Wade was decided on, which is that, that baby in the womb a person?”

Collins went on to say, “In Alabama law, it’s a person. Our people in Alabama voted last fall. We believe that and we believe that’s what it’s aimed at,” while also admitting that the bill is “not meant to be long-term forever law in my mind. We’ll just have to see.”