At the rally, the vice president announced that he was “privileged to be joined today by a leader in the Jewish Community here in Michigan.” The “rabbi,” Loren Jacobs, donned a Jewish prayer shawl and invoked Jesus, with a reference to his Hebrew name — Yeshua. As if this signal wasn’t enough, he noted that […]

Make racism boring. When Trump released an ad Thursday demonizing Mexicans and blaming Democrats for allowing an undocumented immigrant who was convicted of killing police officers to stay in the United States, some called it Willie Horton 2.0. Horton was an African American man who was the subject of a notorious campaign ad released by […]

Employees walked out of their offices on Thursday in a coordinated protest over what they call a “destructive culture” at the company. They are demanding five main changes, according to a post on an Instagram account dedicated to the walkout. Google employees say they want: An end to forced arbitration in harassment and discrimination cases; […]

“This is folly. This is political distraction of the highest magnitude,” Hagel told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “Erin Burnett OutFront.” Hagel lambasted Trump’s decision “taking thousands of American troops who are trained on the cutting edge all the time, and sending them down to a border where there is no need, no threat to an […]

A news release from Manchin’s office said the accounts have “since been secured.” The extent of the hacking and when it took place were not immediately clear. “Manchin and staff are working with state and federal law enforcement officials to prevent further hacking and secure all accounts,” the statement from Manchin’s office added. Manchin’s office […]