Drug and alcohol abuse are very common with depression and at university, Young said, adding that this further increases a person’s vulnerability to mental health conditions. “[Its] use just makes things worse,” he said. This fueled Knights’ particular condition, known as melancholic depression, according to Young. It sees people waking up under a black cloud […]

“But how can an act that suppresses innocent and defenseless budding human life be therapeutic, civil or simply human?” the pontiff said. He asked if it was right “to do away with a human life to solve a problem,” adding: “Is it right to hire a hitman to solve a problem? One cannot do this, […]

“If you accuse (someone) of something, show the evidence,” Trump said in a sit-down interview with ABC News that took place in Kenya last week during her first major solo trip to Africa. Trump also said she supports women, but she echoed her husband, President Donald Trump, adding that men need to be supported, too. […]

Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin is using the Congressional Review Act to force a vote to overturn the Trump administration rule to expand short-term insurance plans. Forty-nine Democratic senators have said they will support the resolution and they would need two additional Republican votes to reach the fifty-one-vote threshold for the measure to pass, […]

The Kentucky Republican said during an interview with The Associated Press that “nobody is going to beat” Murkowski in her home state of Alaska and that he is “proud” she is part of the Senate Republican conference. After Murkowski came out in opposition to Kavanaugh last week, Trump told The Washington Post over the weekend […]