In private meetings from the Oval Office to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, the message delivered to key Democrats was that the time was now for an agreement, and despite the complicated nature of things, a path could be — must be — secured this week. It seems a long way off at the moment, […]

Olivia Rodrigo, the singer behind the hits “Driver’s License” and “good 4 u,” was invited to the White House back in July to promote the Covid-19 vaccinations among young people. During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday, Rodrigo revealed the president had given her a few gifts when she visited: some M&Ms, a […]

Sharon Bell, a Marske-by-the-Sea resident, told CNN she walked the beach near her home every day and had seen a “steady build-up of soft crustaceans,” in the past few weeks. Bell said she went to the beach on Monday morning and was shocked to see “the seaweed was piled high to waist level, but it […]

As a devotee of sleep masks for many years (but not a brand loyal one — having relied on the free masks collected over time from overnight flights), I was thrilled to test a thoughtfully designed, higher-level eye mask: the Ostrichpillow 3D Ergonomic Eye Mask. Ostrichpillow, which is perhaps best known for its squidlike (and […]