A cause of death was not immediately known. Moses was born in New York City in January 1935 and grew up in Harlem, according to his biography on Stanford University’s King Encyclopedia of civil rights figures. He earned a master’s degree in philosophy from Harvard University in 1957. In the late 1950’s he began working […]

That’s the message the Arizona Department of Public Safety has for drivers after a truck driver in Phoenix failed to secure a load and a metal pole fell off, crashing into a sport utility vehicle behind the truck. On Thursday, a pickup truck hauling a trailer hit a bump on Arizona State Route 51, causing […]

It is too early to tell how the outlook is shaping up for 2022. The challenge will be significant for Democrats who barely have control of the House and Senate. The next round of gerrymandering in states controlled by the GOP will give the party a helping hand with regards to the House. In the […]

With Covid-19 cases here spiking, more than 11,000 competitors from 206 countries are navigating the games after a year-long postponement, without fans in the stands and under stress-inducing pandemic precautions. However, the first lady spent her two and a half days in Tokyo on a mission to put the concerns over coronavirus in second place […]