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Written by Tara John, CNN Vogue Brazil style’s director Donata Meirelles has stepped down after photography from her 50th birthday party and dinner were criticized for their colonial references to slavery. The furor began when an image, which has since been deleted, emerged on Instagram of Meirelles at her party in Salvador de Bahia, northeast […]

Revenue for its fiscal third quarter surged 282% compared to a year earlier, the company reported Thursday. Chairman and co-CEO Bruce Linton attributed the lift to the company’s decision to make early, “meaningful” investments that helped it corner a big part of the Canadian market when the law took effect. Canopy Growth also reported a […]

It’s not an easy task. We have become so numb after two years of Trumpian politics that we tend to forget what the office can be about in the best of times. To be sure, ranking presidents is a fool’s errand. Such lists don’t tell us much since these measures are always subjective and the […]

On Friday, Trump declared a national emergency after signing a spending bill compromising on border security that will keep the government open. The bill doesn’t include the full amount of money he asked for for a wall. He is exercising his executive powers to declare a national emergency, sparking a national debate on his decision […]