The 49-year-old animal lover spends his free time driving around California and spotting homeless people with animals. But his goal isn’t to take away their pets — it’s to treat them, for no cost at all. Before taking on his role as “The Street Vet,” Stewart grew up in New Mexico where he spent his […]

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who ruled Egypt for 30 years before he was overthrown in a popular uprising, has died at 91, according to state media. Mubarak was a strongman president who led the Arab world’s most populous country with an iron fist. He was deposed in 2011, and was the second Arab dictator […]

A version of this story appeared in CNN What Matters newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. On Monday, multiple strategists expressed concern that Sanders as a nominee would all but guarantee defeat for Democrats against President Donald Trump, as well as in tough congressional races. But as CNN’s Michael […]

The unrest erupted in parts of New Delhi on Monday, several hours ahead of the arrival of US President Donald Trump, who is in India on a two day state visit. Police deployed tear gas in affected areas, as protesters hurled stones and set numerous vehicles and a gasoline pump on fire, according to police. […]

The announcement came after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called attention to and urged the end of the TSA’s use of the application in a statement Sunday, saying that federal agency security risks on the platform are “very real.” “A small number of TSA employees have previously used TikTok on their personal devices to create […]