By Dan Merica  Videos by McKenna Ewen, Jeff Simon and Nick ScottPublished October 23, 2018 In good years, cargo trains moving west along the flat, sweeping grasslands of North Dakota’s plains are a sign of money rolling in. Today, as tariffs from America’s largest foreign soybean market — China — threaten to upend the industry, many […]

But after the massacre at the Pittsburgh house of worship, synagogues like it aren’t taking any chances. Several states have increased police presence at religious institutions. And religious leaders are grappling with the delicate balance between welcoming and wary. Debating armed guards at synagogues Soon after the attack, President Donald Trump said the shooter could […]

After all, it was Mister Rogers’ neighborhood. The television icon and puppeteer and his family attended Sixth Presbyterian Church, which is just a 10-minute walk from Tree of Life, the synagogue targeted Saturday. “It’s a wonderful Jewish community,” said Chuck Diamond, former rabbi at Tree of Life. The neighborhood is central for Jewish life in […]

The state’s attorney general has agreed not to enforce its new law — aimed at preventing internet providers from favoring certain websites and apps — while a lawsuit plays out in Washington. The California law put the state at odds with the federal government. The Federal Communications Commission voted to overturn Obama-era net neutrality protections […]

Robert Bowers’ anti-Semitism fueled other hate speech that he published and shared on Bowers made anti-Semitic comments alongside xenophobic content, claiming that Jews were helping transport members of the migrant caravans in Latin America. He shared a video that another user posted, purportedly of HIAS, a Jewish refugee support group, on the US-Mexico border. […]