Speaking to CNN affiliate 9 News Australia, Mahathir said “For as long as there is hope, we will continue to think of ways and means to find out” the plane’s fate. “We intend to continue” the search, he told Danica Weeks, whose husband Paul was one of 239 on board the plane when it vanished […]

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The plane was traveling from Miami to Houston when it crashed about 40 miles southeast of George Bush Intercontinental Airport. It crashed in Trinity Bay near Anahuac, in water that is 5 feet deep. Two of the three bodies have been recovered and identified as First Officer Conrad Aska, 44, who was the co-pilot, and […]

And with the Iran nuclear deal facing existential challenges over the next few months, the boost for Zarif could not have come at a better time. Zarif is not the first Iranian official to make this gamble. In 1952, Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh found himself curtailed by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The Iranian Constitution gave […]

It had taken some work on her son’s part to get Villanueva, a 43-year-old native of Texas with Mexican parents, to a quaint local diner because, by her own admission, politics has never interested her. Sitting in Sam’s Sodas and Sandwiches, Villanueva was far outside her comfort zone as Julián Castro, the former secretary of […]