But I do believe that political candidates, especially presidential ones, need to have the moral rectitude and ethical backbone to make wise political decisions based on compassion and the common good. Many Americans have formed their consciences and instincts toward right behavior as part of the Judeo-Christian tradition based on love of God and neighbor. […]

The KMCO plant in Crosby, Texas, was the site of an explosion Tuesday, the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office said. At least two people are injured and one person is unaccounted for after the blast, officials said. The fire marshal’s office is trying to determine what products were involved in the fire. In the meantime, […]

Hayes, along with political and business figures Greg Lindberg, John Gray and John Palermo, made initial appearances in US District Court in Charlotte Tuesday. “The indictment unsealed today outlines a brazen bribery scheme in which Greg Lindberg and his co-conspirators allegedly offered hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions in exchange for official action […]

“He cheats like a mafia accountant. He cheats crazy. He cheats whether you’re watching or not. He cheats whether you like it or not,” Rick Reilly told CNN’s John Berman on “New Day” Tuesday. Reilly recounted several stories from his new book “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump” of Trump allegedly cheating, even against […]

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