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Kelly sent the email in February 2017 after Warren called him to protest the Trump administration’s disregard of the temporary restraining court order on the travel ban after her office could not get through to his office, Buzzfeed reported Thursday. The email was part of cache of documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act […]

0 of 32 Adrian Kraus/Associated Press As the NFL‘s Oct. 30 trade deadline approaches, every team has at least one player who’s expendable. When assessing possible transactions, it’s important to weigh production, remaining contract length and position depth. At times, thinking ahead influences roster moves. For example, a front office may trade a player on an […]

The move is being supported by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, the industry umbrella organization that also sees it as an opportunity to promote best practices when it comes to mitigating the effects of farming on climate change. “Everyone knows that food production influences the climate, but if the rest of the world produced […]

The new details come two weeks after Facebook first announced that attackers had access to 50 million users’ accounts — meaning they could have logged in as those users. Facebook said on Friday that, “We now know that fewer people were impacted than we originally thought,” and said that 30 million people had been impacted. […]

Each kernel has three colors, about 7 calories and a lot of sugar. Many people, including comedian Lewis Black, can’t stand it. And yet every October, it fills candy bowls, trick-or-treat bags and the mouths of sweet-toothed snackers everywhere. For millions, it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy corn. Each year, manufacturers produce more than 35 […]