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There were 2,000 police officers in the Melbourne central business district to prevent large protest groups from coming together, Victoria Police Commander Mark Galliott said. “What we saw today was a group of protesters that came together, not to protest freedoms, but simply to take on and have a fight with the police,” Galliott told […]

Six African lions, a Sumatran tiger and two Amur tigers are being treated with anti-inflammatories and anti-nausea medication to help with their discomfort and loss of appetite, the zoo announced in a news release. They’re also getting antibiotics to treat presumptive secondary bacterial pneumonia. Several of the lions and tigers displayed symptoms last weekend, including […]

It’s the latest trend to go viral on Tiktok, called “devious licks”: Middle school, high school and college students vandalize school property, most commonly bathrooms, and post their results on the social media app. TikTok has been quick to shut down the trend, with the company removing many of the videos from its platform. Search […]

It was too late. The warning on August 29 came seconds before the missile hit the car, killing 10 civilians, including seven children. In the weeks following, the military insisted that it had been a justified strike on a confirmed terrorist target, acknowledging that some civilians might have been killed. But on Friday, after weeks […]

The Taliban Ministry of Education ordered male students and teachers from the 6th to the 12th grade to report to their schools on Saturday. The announcement, issued on Friday, did not mention female students at all, sowing fears that girls would once again be excluded from secondary education. When last in power between 1996 and […]