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He made the announcement in a video titled “Standing Tall,” which tracks Hickenlooper’s life from laid-off geologist, to owner of a brew pub, to mayor of Denver and to governor, and touts the Democrat’s experience in a variety of fields as a key reason he should be the person to take on President Donald Trump […]

Caravans, as they’ve largely become known, have deviated from their original purpose — from a way to highlight the plight of migrants, and in some cases, search for loved ones who never made it to the US — to another, seemingly safer, form of travel to the southern border. But now, migrants are splintering off […]

That’s the big question as special counsel Robert Mueller wraps up his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. But there’s remarkably little precedent for how exactly he should close the case and issue a final report. Mueller is only the second special counsel in US history appointed under the current Justice Department rules. […]

Wing Commander Varthaman became the unwitting face of cross-border tensions after crashing in Pakistani territory last week. Hailed as a national hero, men across India have rushed to emulate his characteristic mustache in apparent tribute. The look, a mix of a classic gunslinger with traits of the mutton chop beard, is now known throughout India […]

“I lost control and ended up getting a concussion and a broken rib,” said Glangchai, a 41-year-old mother of four. And Austin’s first scooter-related death occurred in January. Police identified the scooter rider as Mark Sands, a 21-year-old UT student from Ireland, who died just one day after suffering critical injuries when the electric scooter […]