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A solitary oxygen cylinder is the only object that separates the modern scene from the medieval. There are three ICU patients in the State University Hospital of Haiti that occupies two blocks of the capital’s downtown area. The rest died, or left. “The majority of patients have fled since the troubles began (when Haiti was […]

The Vande Bharat Express was returning to New Delhi from the northern city of Varanasi on Friday before it was forced to stop at Chamrola Station, located about 120 miles away from the capital. According to a statement released by India’s Railway Ministry on Saturday, there were communication issues between the last four coaches and […]

After fatally shooting several people in the room at the manufacturing business he’d worked for 15 years, he stormed into the warehouse, witnesses said. There, he shot at more employees. In a rampage that lasted about 90 minutes before police killed him in a shootout, Martin killed five people and injured six people — including […]

“Reckless” and “insane” were the Kremlin’s words of choice for a current push among US lawmakers to pass new Russia sanctions. In a strongly worded rebuke, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday described the threat of new sanctions as “racketeering” and warned of “harmful consequences” if they are ever passed. “We consider this unacceptable and […]

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